SuperTrend Channel

Buy the Bottom and Sell the Top 

806.09 % Net Profit for Bitcoin (BTC) from 01.01.2020

x6 better performance  than "Buy and Hold"

SuperTrend Channel Description

SuperTrend Channel is using Moving Averages to build the MA Channel.

No repaints.

It is strongly recommended to use the indicator with higher time frames (1 Week, 1 Day, 12 hours, 6 hours), so you can ignore false movements on the chart and indicate the main trend.

With lower time frame it is recommended to use higher length of Moving Average so you can ignore false movements on the chart.

Here you can:

1) Choose the Moving Average type: SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA , SMMA , DEMA , TEMA , HullMA, ZEMA, TMA, SSMA.

2) Choose the length of Moving Average.

3) Use the BTC filter. If BTC filter selected, the main trend is filtered by daily BTC trend as well. It could help to ignore false movements on assets with high volatility .

4) Use a Stop Loss (in %) and Take Profit (in %) if needed. If you don't need them, just untick the box settings.

5) Choose the backtest dates so you can evaluate the results before trading.


Get 7 days free trial access without any payments. After trial version you could decide for the subscription plan:

1 Month  access - 50 USDT

3 Month access - 100 USDT

Lifetime access - 1.000 USDT